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Travel to Denali National Park on the luxurious McKinley Explorer, taking in the views through your glass-domed railcar. Stay in Holland America’s exclusive McKinley Chalet Resort, with new Denali Square. Venture back to the rollicking days of the Klondike Gold Rush and into some of Earth’s most pristinely beautiful wilderness on the ultimate Great Land vacation. Land and Sea Journeys include up to three days in Denali National Park, with a comprehensive tour. Explore this region’s wild terrain with Holland America.

Alaska cruise/tour Stephanie Tate-Croning an in-depth look at a 7-night cruise on the Alaskan coast with views of imperiled-by-global-warming glaciers. Following the cruise talk, Stephanie discusses the post-cruise rail-tour that is available and gives you the opportunity to see some of Alaska by land.

Holland America

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