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Danny Almon

Owner | Travel Specialist

Through our global community consciousness and commitment to wellness, we are implementing new standards with our Explore Well at Sea program to ensure a healthy return to exploring from our boutique hotel at sea.

You will embark on a future sailing knowing we’ve enhanced our health and safety standards through our Explore Well at Sea program. With the help of our team of medical and science experts, you can expect advanced screening protocols, enhanced sanitation measures, and innovative medical services — to name a few. Given the environment, we are continually evaluating these protocols and updating them as public health standards evolve. You can rest assured, you’ll have our most updated program well before your sail date.

Whether you are offshore exploring or onboard enjoying our boutique hotel at sea, our commitment to community consciousness and personal wellness will deliver the peace of mind and safety you need when it comes to traveling within our new world.

Margarita Peloso and I have a close look at this premium cruise line and in particular a transatlantic repositioning cruise which allows the cruise line to move from Europe to the Americas and vice-versa, twice a year at attractive prices plus several stops on each side of the Atlantic.  You should like lots of days at sea for this sailing.  We also look at a Panama Canal cruise.

Azamara Cruises

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