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Coach touring allows a guest to visit multiple touristic land highlights in a given area – sometimes combining the best that a country – or several neighbouring countries – has to offer.  The tour can be active and busy, allowing one to see as many highlights as reasonably possible, or it can be laid back and restful with several nights in one location and an at-ease approach to the daily routine with later-in-the-morning departures and short drives between destinations: it can be your choice.

Popular destinations offered by such companies as Globus, Trafalgar,  Insight, Atlantic Tours, Europe Express and Collette, among others are Europe, Canada, the United States and various Asian countries.  But a coach tour can be found virtually everywhere: and there are many benefits to choosing this form of travel.

Trafalger Coaches

It can be luxuriously comfortable, relatively inexpensive, a great way to hit highlights in an area: everything is organized for you, yet there are times set aside for relaxation (or if you are in exploration mode, optional organized excursions on these days), instead of personally concentrating on the driving, you are perched high in comfortable seats, with large windows for viewing surrounding countryside.

Everything is included in the price, from hotels to sightseeing and even most meals! 

Most coaches have a bathroom, A/C, soft drinks, water and snacks and even internet for those who like to keep in touch!  Most tours have a knowledgeable driver and an experienced guide on board who, in addition to conducting walking tours also can point out points of interest along the drive as well as have access to certain travel perks not generally available to the independent traveller. And your travel companions share a common interest in the destination, a particular benefit if you are a solo traveller!

Overnight accommodation can include 4* and 5* hotels in locations that encourage some personal exploration on foot.

In addition to large coach busses that may have 40 to 50 people on board, there are also other options: companies like Exodus, Indus, TourCan and Country Walkers to name a few, that offer smaller coach sizes – about half the typical coach size – and even small group tours that can be as few as 2 people which of course allows an opportunity to customize your tour to the smallest detail.

In addition, there are companies like Railbookers who have taken touring to a new level with train tours around the world that include flights, transfers, hotel stays and excursions – the full package from the time you close the door to your home til you reopen it on your return.

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  • The group leader may be eligible for special perks which may include complimentary room packages based on numbers of packages booked and paid for, special amenities at the resort/ship as well as other perks. **Conditions apply according to resort and tour operator.
  • All guests will be booked under the same number and should be located close together based on room/cabin category and availability
  • Any necessary changes to one booking by the supplier will be automatically reflected in all bookings.
  • The price per person can be lower than what is shown on the internet for individual bookings.
  • Possible reduced deposit and later final payment date.
  • Possible price adjustment if price becomes lower. (5 and 6 subject to terms by each tour operator)
  • Remember … using a travel agent usually does not cost any more than booking by yourself on the Internet but you get the assistance you need to make an accurate booking and look after you during the booking process, during the trip, and after the trip if you have experienced any problems.
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