Caribbean Resorts

Beautiful Caribbean resorts … beautiful photos.

How do you choose?

All resorts have websites that make them look like superb places to vacation. Experience reveals that what one encounters in person may differ greatly.  

How do you decide which Caribbean resort to visit?

We can help! Our specialty in Caribbean destination weddings and our strong commitment to formally inspect as many suitable resorts as we can when we personally travel to destinations, has given us a strong awareness of what many resorts in Caribbean destinations offer. This applies not only to clients who are thinking about a suitable resort for a destination wedding, but also for any couple or family wanting to choose a suitable adults-only resort or a family-friendly resort.

Formal resort inspections allow us to experience the rooms, restaurants, bars, beach areas, pools, and spas. Walking through the resort allows us to see the highs and lows of each resort.

We take part in familiarization trips organized by tour operators and host agencies, as well as independent trips organized by AlmonTravel to Caribbean destinations, online presentations, and tour operator local educational opportunities. All help us build an intimate knowledge of resorts and excursions that we can recommend.

We try to do refresher visits because if resorts don’t continually refurbish and repair, their quality can deteriorate. Education and experience by personal visitation are important to us here at AlmonTravel. We can better advise you when we have been there in person.

I went to AlmonTravel on recommendation of a friend who had used them to book a Mediterranean cruise for 10 and was totally thrilled on how smoothly it went, so I emailed AlmonTravel and dealt with Danny telling him what we wanted. I was travelling with my son, his wife and a 1.5 year old granddaughter. From beginning to end it was smooth. We wanted the Mayan Riviera, walk-in pool for the little one, close to a pool and beach and adjoining suite. Danny recommended a few, but there was one he thought we would particularly like. It was perfect … so perfect we have been back several times. My daughter-in-law is ready for a change but my son still loves it!
Danny has also helped me with my own travel plans. I find AlmonTravel very accommodating and knowledgeable and they go beyond to satisfy our needs.

Anita – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Got a group?

  1. The group leader who organizes and pulls together the group (usually 10 or more adults) may be eligible for promotions/discounts – check with your agent.
  2. All guests will be booked under the same number and should be located close together based on room category and availability.
  3. Any changes to one booking by the supplier will be automatically reflected in all bookings.
  4. The price per person can be lower than what is shown on the internet for individual bookings.
  5. Possible reduced deposit and later final payment date.
  6. Possible price adjustment if price becomes lower.
  7. Possible reduction in seat reservation cost.

Remember … using a travel agent usually does not cost any more than booking by yourself on the Internet but you get the assistance you need to make an accurate booking and look after you during the booking process, during the trip, and after the trip if you have experienced any problems.